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STOP!!! And please read this before filling out any forms. We are not a typical GSP breeder. We strive to go above and beyond to preserve what the breed was created for. A versatile gun dog that can do it all and a loyal family member. We require testing and training of our puppies / dogs. If you are not committed to Mandatory Navhda NA Testing and following the simple rules of a Puppy Sales Contract PLEASE DO NOT WASTE OUR TIME NOR YOURS. We in no way want to come across as rude but we are not politically correct at Outback GSP - Vom Hinterland Kennels. Political Correctness leads to an intellectual dishonesty. We make every attempt to balance honesty with respectful politeness. We want to place our puppies in homes with like minded people who have the same goals for the breed as we do

** Outback GSP - Vom Hinterland Kennels has the right to refuse breeding rights from any litter for any reason.**