For our puppy buyers who live outside of Texas, we recommend having your puppy shipped with a licensed and insured pet transporter or by airline.  Shipping is optional (all buyers can pick their puppy up in person).  It is up to you to set up shipping and delivery of your Hinterland/Outback GSP puppy.  Additionally, puppies that will be shipped require a documented vet examination and health certification by the vet within 10 days of being shipped.  The cost of this vet visit and all costs associated with the shipping will be the sole responsibility of the buyer.  

Most shipping companies require up to 45 days notice to schedule your puppy to be delivered.  However, each transporter is different policies.  Please contact your shipper for information on their specific policies and requirements.  

Puppies that are shipped will leave with the above mentioned vet exam and health certification.  A vet will not certify puppies that are not in excellent health.  It must be free from disease/illness, free of wounds, and external/internal parasites.  If your puppy/dog does not arrive in excellent health, please contact your pet shipper.  These liabilities will not be assumed by Hinterland/Outback Kennels once the puppy has left our kennel.  

Puppies shipped via airlines will require an airline approved crate, airline approved bowls, a vet examination and health certification and other airline related shipping supplies.  These expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  

Below are the ground pet shipping companies and airlines we or our friends have used in the past that we recommend.  Hinterland/Outback Kennels is not responsible for changes in pickup and/or delivery times.  Puppies not picked up within 3 days of the scheduled pickup day will incur a $20 per day charge for boarding by Hinterland/Outback Kennels.

All expenses for shipping supplies and required documentation as well as the balance on the puppy/dog must be paid in full before leaving our kennel.  

We will only release our puppies to one of the three ground shippers below.  If choosing airline transport, we will deliver your puppy to the airport for departure.  

Click on the logos below to find out more information on ground shipping and shipping rates.