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Our puppy course is based upon properly introducing your puppies to birds by building on their prey drive and natural abilities. We will offer affordable hourly training rates that will be geared around a puppy being able to successfully compete and pass a Navhda Natural Ability Test. Puppies will receive the following training:

  • Intro to birds. (build prey drive)

  • Intro to water. (retrieving birds and bumpers)

  • Intro to tracking. (tracking birds and fur bearing animals)

  • Intro to gunfire.

  • Field work to build confidence,

  • Field work with older dogs to build boldness and competitiveness.

  • Real hunting practice situations.

  • Heel

  • Whoa

  • Recall

Our training program will be based on proven training methods that will develop your puppies or young dogs on the right path to success. We will train on different properties and in different terrain to provide different hunting scenarios that will teach your puppy to hunt. 

We believe having the owners onsite and involved in the training process will not only benefit the puppy but also the owner. Both will learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses and form a stronger bond. It also allows us to be hands on with both the puppy and the owner to teach and help in anyway we can. 

This program will not produce a finished dog, but will lay a solid foundation to build upon. If we can be of any assistance or answer any questions feel free to email us or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.


GSPs we have trained thru our Puppy Pathfinders Training Program